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Grün Unterwegs - Green Travel

Project Data (Details) On The “grün Unterwegs" Tour

My "Grün Unterwegs" tour was a research & a performance trip from Istanbul to Greece and Bulgaria from 15.12.2021 until 01.03.2022. I traveled by bus. This tour, as a whole, is a music & art action. It combines longer journey moments on the bus with research & performance moments on the site. I see the five planned long trips as important artistic research elements of the tour. Together with the artistic stays at the four tour locations (Kavala, Athens, Ionánnina, Sofia), they create an overall picture.

The type of tour movement from place to place, therefore also characterizes my activities at the respective "destination" place; I prefer to say "place of stay", because the journey, viewed as a whole - is itself the “destination". With the help of a daily video blog and a hand written tour diary, I documented my experiences and results in both countries.

Artistic-sustainable starting point.

I bring sustainable travel concepts together with artistic research and performance. For me, “sustainable travel” means: to travel slowly. And “traveling slowly” means traveling “consciously” and “interconnected” to the circumstances.

With the help of a daily video blog, I captured the artistic moments on the tour and documented my impressions in the two countries to which my project took me. I longed to artistically "experience & explore & use & investigate & search & find & see & feel & (re)know" other European countries.

For me, these many verbs are examples of an artistic depth and intensity to strive for! I can only accept these descriptions if I know that I will be in one place for at least several days. Otherwise, the number of artistically processable impressions is drastically reduced.

Regional & cultural differences as the starting point of the tour.

On the tour to Greece and Bulgaria, I examined the different levels of public space. The architecture of public buildings/squares was another starting point. One of my research questions was to what extent the loudness differs in the different geographical and cultural regions. I enjoy to interacting with the sound sphere (people, animals, nature sounds) in public space. I documented the differences.

Marc augé's "Non places" concept as a basis for long journeys.

A theoretical point of reference and a common thread during the long bus rides is the concept of "non-places" from the book of the same name by the ethnologist Marc Augé (

I aim to created "Utopia Spaces" in "transit spaces" such as streets, motorway service areas, and bus and train stations. These Utopia Spaces address the alienation that comes with being on transit routes.



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