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Anabala Pasajı Series

Anabala Pasajı Series takes place in a passage in Beyoglu, Istanbul. The basic concept for the four videos was to move in circles. By the time I was experimenting with the sound that evolves from circular movements. I was looking for minimal instrumental means and found plastic bags as simple yet complex tools.

These single-use plastic bags come with every supermarket visit in Istanbul if you don’t actively reject them. The trash collectors of Istanbul collect these bags among other materials with their hand-pushed carts. In my opinion, they are a very sustainable and important factor in why Istanbul is reasonably clean.

The first Video of the series “Kedi” features the cat that lives in the Anabala Pasajı. The Performance Videos were recorded in November 2020.

Editing: Cagla Demirbas & H M M

Sound Design & Colour Correction: Erol Adilce

Project Support: Jochen Proehl, Hülya Kiziltas, Gökce Koc

Funder: Kunststiftung NRW



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