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in Prishtina (Kosovo)

Projects: Sounding Architecture - Mikro Makro - Sounds of Prishtina

I stayed in Prishtina between July and October 2021. During this time I realised several projects with local institutions, activists, and artists. Project Partners: Kunststiftung NRW, Goethe Zentrum Prishtina, Prof. Dr. Rozafa Basha and University of Prishtina, ReMusica Festival & Donika Rudi, Teatro Oda & Florent Mehmeti, Don Doroci

„Sounding Architecture“

Sounding Architecture is a Workshop Format for Architecture and Music students developed with Prof. Dr. Rozafa Basha (Architecture department of the University of Prishtina) in cooperation with Donika Rudi and the ReMusica Festival. It deals with the relevance of Sounds&Soundscapes in Architecture and Art

We explore the soundscapes of Prishtina in urban spaces and also in closed rooms. It is about learning to distinguish the different sound elements in our urban environment. We address issues like: What elements does a soundscape consist of? How can we deal with (harmful) noises around us? How do different materials like concrete, metal, stone, glass, and wood… sound? What do different architectures sound like?

“Mikro Makro” was born in the Covid Restriction times of 2021. It started off as a 12 h long durational Performance. The Covid 19 Measures in Kosovo in the Summer of 2021 didn’t allow any public Performances at that time whatsoever. Therefore I decided to create a one-hour Video-Performance instead.

This Performance took place at “Termokiss” a collectively governed nonhierarchical space. Termokiss is placed on a small parcel of land in the Prishtina Municipality, in a concrete unfinished structure that was built in 1997 by “Termokos” (the heating company of Prishtina).

Before the Performance took place I got to know Termokiss and the people who run it for around two months. I liked the openness and the “radical” nonhierarchy in gatherings and events.

„Sounds of Prishtina“ - an ethnographic-artistic Video Project with Filmer & Ethnomusicologist Rolf Killius Public places in Prishtina and the surrounding area are filled with sound and movement performances recorded on film. The projects consisted of a two-month location scout and a one-week filming period.



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