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Our Analogue Me

Unser analoges Ich - Our analogue Me - Bizim analog Benliğim.

A Space - Sound - Performance - Compatible with COVID regulations.

“Our Analogue Me” became a fundamental concept of my following works - the switching off of all electrical devices, lights, machines, amplification, and radiation in a Performance space during the Performances. I want to create awareness of the actual surroundings around us. It’s about being sensitive to the emotions and happenings in a certain space. It’s all part of a minimalistic and sustainable Performance approach.

From the Text of the “Performance Premier in Istanbul 2nd - 4th March 2021. The Performance took place between 15:00 and 20:00. 15 people at once were admitted to the Performance Space.

We are switching off the lights. “Our Analogue Me” is a platform in the midst of digital vibrations all around. Here, the room becomes an instrument - an unplugged energetic oasis, and an area of meditation. I want to tackle a structural and emotional change. I want to immerse the spectators into the performative process.

I am unplugging Barin Han and researching the multiple dimensions of its core structure. This performance is about being organic, Barin Han will be out of electricity. For me, everyone in the room is crucial as we will shape the room together.

I am inviting you to a utopia space. It's about affirming a new form of evolution and development. I believe we need a civilizational evolution. I want to express the different dimensions that are inherent in the environment surrounding us. It’s about seeing and receiving the architecture and space from multiple angles. A floor can be a floor and a floor can also be a sound instrument.”

Detail of drawing done during the performance



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