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The (Recycling) Ball

A Performance of Sustainability Action

"The (Recycling) Ball" takes up a current social reality in Prishtina, Kosovo, and the world. It is an assembly of the garbage co-habiting Prishtina to be shaped as a giant performance ball made of our everyday redundancy. Forming a performative trajectory within the paths of the city park, the ball continued the journey in the streets of Prishtina until it reached its final place on the University of Prishtina campus.

It was installed there as an interim sculpture in a public place, reminding us that we must establish a "norm" in this collective setting. This norm is as important as any other norm in our lives. We are all surrounded by things that seem to be reasonable and make sense. But is it really like that - do our living conditions make sense? Do cars make sense? Do roads make sense? Did this evolution take us further as a civilization? It is a collective participation of building and rolling the ball together. The ball is our unifying precious symbol - in making and rolling the (recycling) ball we can transform trash into something important. We use materials found in the trash to create an existing utopia space. Collecting, Building, Performing, Happening, and finally Installing an interim sculpture. It all ends up where it begins - it is a recycling cycle of its own.

21-22 September 2021 (Prishtina City Park) - Building the Ball

23 September 2021 (Prishtina City Park - University of Prishtina) - Rolling the Ball

23-25 September 2021 (University of Prishtina) - The Ball as an Interim Sculpture

Performers: Blend Bytyqi, Fjolla Hoxha, Flamur Ahmeti, Yann Perregaux, and Holger Maik Mertin Construction: Enes Sahiti

Producer & Organizer: Florent Mehmeti, Daniela Markaj / Teatri ODA Camera: Xhengis Maqedonci, Sound: Armend Shala, Editing: Atdhe Hoda

Graphic Design: Tobias Göbel

Social Media and Consulting: Cagla Demirbas

Idea: Holger Maik Mertin

Concept: Florent Mehmeti and Holger Maik Mertin

Contributors: The Freelance Waste Collectors of Prishtina

In cooperation with Goethe Zentrum Prishtina (Kosovo), Kunststiftung NRW (Germany), Teatri ODA (Kosovo), and Hapudemia (Kosovo).



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